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Hire BBQ Caterers for your party, wedding or corporate event.


Hire BBQ Caterers for Quality Meats, Locally Sourced…

For all occasions, Artisan Cuisine’s barbecues are a feast unto themselves!

A range of locally sourced meats, fresh vegetables, homemade coleslaws and freshly baked loaves of bread ensures that an Artisan BBQ is as much a feast for the eyes as it will be for your guests.

Food Hygiene Rating

We are proud to have a food hygiene rating of 5.

Looking to Hire BBQ Caterers? All of our BBQ hire options include everything you’ll need for the perfect occasion – the meat and all ingredients, the chef, the serving staff and top-of-the-range BBQ equipment.

Vegetarian Options Available

Browse from our range of options below, or get in touch if you would like to design your own menu. A full range of vegetarian options is, of course, always available on request.

Our BBQ Caterering Menus For Events


Grilled Steak Burgers
Rothwell Town Sausages
Jerk Chicken with Sesame Seeds
Vegetarian Option
Brioche Rolls
Mixed Leaf Salad
Artisan Ranch Coleslaw
Tomato and Red Onion Salad
Cheddar Cheese Slices
Dressings & Condiments including Signature BBQ Sauce
Quality disposable Plates, Cutlery and Napkins
A chef and an assistant to serve
BBQ Catering Near Me


We’re proud to offer the option of providing a menu designed around your own suggestions.

With a wealth of experience in catering, we’ll work with you to create the perfect gastronomical experience all will enjoy and remember.


We can of course cater for any special Dietary requirements for guests with allergies.

Information on any allergens contained in our advertised menu is available on request.

How Artisan Cuisine Can Make Your BBQ Event Unforgettable

Planning an event in Corby and want to make it truly memorable?

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or a family get-together, as barbecue caterers in Corby we have the skills to create a mouthwatering feast that will leave your guests longing for more. From succulent grilled meats to delicious sides and accompaniments, we know how to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Not only do our barbecue caterers provide delectable food, but they also bring a unique atmosphere to your event. The smoky aroma wafting through the air, the sight of sizzling meat on the grill create an ambience that’s hard to replicate. It’s like having your own private outdoor kitchen with room for all your friends and family.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of excitement and flavour to your next event in Corby, don’t hesitate to consider Artisan Cuisine as your barbecue caterer. We have the skills, expertise, and passion to make your gathering truly unforgettable.

 Types of events suitable for barbecue catering

Barbecue catering is versatile and suitable for a wide range of events in Corby. Here are some types of gatherings Artisan Cuisine as barbecue caterers, can make a significant impact:

  1. Weddings: Barbecue catering adds a relaxed and informal touch to weddings, making them more enjoyable for guests. It’s a great option for outdoor or rustic-themed weddings, as it complements the natural surroundings. From a casual buffet-style setup to a more formal sit-down meal, as barbecue caterers, we can tailor our services to suit your wedding style and preferences.
  2. Corporate Events: Barbecue catering is an excellent choice for corporate events such as company picnics, team-building activities, or employee appreciation parties. It helps create a laid-back and casual atmosphere, allowing colleagues to bond over delicious food. We can also provide catering services for conferences and seminars, ensuring that attendees are well-fed and energised throughout the event.
  3. Birthday Parties: Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a small gathering with close friends and family, barbecue catering from Artisan Cuisine adds a fun and festive element to birthday parties. Grilled burgers, hotdogs, and barbecue chicken are always crowd favourites, and as experienced barbecue caterers, we can also include a variety of sides and desserts to complete the menu.
  4. Family Get-Togethers: Hosting a family reunion or a summer get-together? Barbecue catering is the perfect choice. It brings people together around the grill, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Children and adults alike can enjoy the delicious food, and the casual setup allows for easy mingling and socialising.

 Tips for a successful barbecue catering event

To ensure that your barbecue catering event in Corby is a resounding success, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Plan Your Caterer Ahead

Start planning your event well in advance, especially if it’s a large gathering. This will give you ample time to book a barbecue caterer and discuss your requirements in detail. Planning ahead also allows us to prepare and source the finest ingredients for your event.

Communicate with your caterer Clearly

Clearly communicate your expectations and preferences to the caterer. Discuss the menu, serving style, and any dietary restrictions or allergies among your guests. Providing clear instructions will help us to deliver a seamless experience on the day of the event.

Consider the Venue

If you’re hosting the event in an outdoor venue, make sure there are appropriate facilities for us to set up their grills and equipment. Ensure that there is adequate space for guests to comfortably enjoy the food and that there are suitable seating arrangements if required.

Timing is Key

Coordinate with us to determine the optimal timing for the food service. Barbecue dishes are best enjoyed when served hot and fresh, so plan accordingly. Consider the duration of your event and the expected arrival time of your guests to ensure that the food is served at its best.

Provide Ample Food and Beverage Options

While barbecue dishes are the star of the show, it’s important to offer a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences. Include vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a range of sides, salads, and desserts. Additionally, make sure there are sufficient beverages available to quench your guests’ thirst. Did you know we also offer bar hire?

Additional services offered by Artisan Cuisine in Corby

As Barbecue caterers in Corby, we go the extra mile to enhance your event experience. In addition to providing mouthwatering food, we offer various additional services to make your event truly unforgettable. Here are some services to consider:

  1. Bar Service: We offer bar services, where we can provide a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for your event.
  2. Equipment Rental: We bring all our equipment with us if needed. This includes grills, serving stations, and any other necessary items. Ensuring that everything is coordinated and set up correctly.
  3. Event Staff: As barbecue caterers we provide uniformed event staff such as servers, and bartenders. They will take care of the setup, serving, and cleanup. Allowing you to relax and enjoy your event without any worries.

Discuss these additional services with Artisan Cuisine to see how we can enhance your event and make it truly exceptional.

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everything you need to know When Hiring BBQ Caterers for your event

Whether you’re planning a garden party barbecue, a corporate gathering, or a wedding reception, finding the right catering service can make a world of difference. From succulent meats to mouthwatering sides and desserts, a top BBQ caterer will take your event to the next level.

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. That’s where this guide comes in. With our guide in hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and impress your guests with an unforgettable BBQ experience.

Factors to consider when Hiring BBQ Caterers services

When it comes to hosting an event, hiring a BBQ catering service offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, it allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the event without worrying about the food. The caterers will take care of everything, from the preparation to the serving and cleanup, leaving you free to mingle with your guests and enjoy the festivities.

Another advantage of hiring a BBQ catering service is the expertise they bring to the table. Professional caterers are skilled in the art of barbecuing and know how to achieve that perfect smoky flavour in their meats. They have years of experience and can deliver consistent results, ensuring that your guests are treated to the best-tasting BBQ they’ve ever had.

In addition to the convenience and expertise, BBQ catering services offer a wide range of menu options. Whether you prefer classic BBQ food like burgers and sausages or want to explore more unique flavours, BBQ caterers can tailor their menus to suit your preferences. From vegetarian options to various dietary restrictions and preferences, professional barbecue caterers ensure that every guest has something delicious to enjoy.

Overall, hiring a BBQ catering service takes the stress out of hosting an event and guarantees a memorable experience for you and your guests. With their expertise, variety of menu options, and attention to detail, they will leave everyone satisfied and impressed.

Researching BBQ Caterers Near You

With so many BBQ catering services out there, it’s important to consider several factors before making your decision. Artisan Cuisine’s catering team has over 200 years of catering experience, including some of the best top chefs and cooks in the area.

One of the first things to consider is the caterer’s reputation and experience. Look for a catering service that has been in business for a while and has a track record of satisfied customers. You can check online reviews and testimonials to get a sense of their reputation and the quality of their service.

Another important factor to consider is the caterer’s availability and capacity. Make sure they can accommodate the size of your event and have the necessary resources to handle the catering. It’s also important to inquire about their flexibility in terms of menu customisation and accommodating dietary restrictions.

Lastly, pricing is a crucial factor to consider. While you want to stay within your budget, it’s important not to compromise on quality. Look for a caterer that offers competitive pricing while still delivering top-notch food and service. You can read our guide on BBQ Hire Prices here.

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and Hire a BBQ Catering service that meets your expectations and delivers a memorable dining experience for your guests.

Hiring BBQ Catering – BBQ Menu options

One of the key factors in choosing a BBQ catering service is the menu options they offer and their ability to customise the menu to suit your preferences. After all, you want to ensure that the food served at your event is not only delicious but also caters to the tastes and dietary restrictions of your guests.

When exploring BBQ menu options, pay attention to the variety and quality of the dishes. Look for a wide range of options, including different types of meats, sides, sauces, and desserts.

It’s also important to consider the presentation and quality of the food. At Artisan Cuisine, we prioritise fresh, high-quality ingredients and pay attention to the visual appeal of our dishes. After all, we eat with our eyes first, and a beautifully presented meal can enhance the overall dining experience.

By considering the menu options and customisation options with Artisan Cuisine, you’ll be able to choose a BBQ menu that will deliver a mouthwatering meal that suits your event and impresses your guests.

Additional BBQ Catering services Near You

While the food is the star of the show when it comes to BBQ catering, it’s also worth considering any additional services and amenities you might need for your event. These can enhance the overall experience and make your event even more special.

At Artisan Cuisine, we offer a variety of additional catering services. We Include uniformed staff and bartending services. Quality disposable plates, cutlery and napkins and a clean-up service. Having professional staff on hand to serve and attend to your guests can make a big difference in the overall flow and experience of your event. Similarly, if you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, enquire about our Artisan Mobile Bar Hire Service in Corby and surrounding areas.

By considering these additional services and amenities, you can choose a BBQ catering service that not only provides delicious food but also offers a range of services to enhance the overall experience of your event.

Our experienced team is dedicated to working with you to craft a memorable menu for your event. We are fully equipped to accommodate any special dietary needs, ensuring guests with allergies are well taken care of. Allergen information for our standard menu is readily available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a caterer for your event for the first time can be a bit daunting. Browse our FAQs below or contact us with any other queries. We’ll be happy to help.​

What is the estimated cooking time for a Hog Roast?

A Hog Roast takes approximately 6-7 hours to cook perfectly depending on the size of the pig and the number of diners we are catering for.

How far do you travel?

Normally within a 25-mile radius of our base, but we are really flexible and do please ask – we are here to provide you with a very professional and helpful service.

Do you have any provisions for wet weather?

YES, we will bring our own 3×3 metre gazebo to cover ourselves against any unwanted weather.

How long do you serve for?

As long is as necessary, we only leave when you have finished with us.

This very much depends on the type of function, but rest assured we will only leave when everyone has been fed and is totally satisfied.

What about leftovers?

Any un-served meat can be carved off and left for you if you so wish

Do you provide a site visit prior to my function?

Where at all possible yes! This enables us to meet you personally and ensures that on the day you enjoy your party or function. Just leave the rest to us!

Are references available?

Absolutely – Don’t be afraid to ask! Copies of thank you letters and clients you can contact are readily available.

Do you need access to electrical power?

YES. Can you please provide us with an electrical power point. Just the basic household one is fine. We will bring an extension lead so distance is not a problem.

For larger public events we supply our own generator

What is the width of your roasting machine, just to make sure we have good access?

Our machine is designed to fit through a standard doorway or garden gate.

Do you provide staff?

We always supply a fully qualified Chef (dressed in full whites) and an assistant to serve.

The answer is as many as you would like. Typically we cater for between 50 and 300 guests dependent on whether it is a small garden party or a larger corporate event

Will there be enough meat to go around?

Always. We always bring a larger hog than is needed and we also bring extra buns too, so if some of your guests want to come back for seconds – no problem.

What about Health & Safety issues and Public Liability Insurance?

All our staff have the appropriate Food Hygiene Certificates and our company has the necessary product and public liability insurance in place. (Copies are available upon request)

How does payment work?

We require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking.

We will contact you at least 14 days prior to your function to discuss final numbers and precise timings and at this point the final payment then becomes due

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